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Long before my days as a Pinup, I had a first love… An historic first love with the Renaissance era. I was 16 when I went to my first renaissance festival, and I have been going every year since (but I’m not going to admit how many years that is!).

The Ohio Renaissance Festival happens to fall during my birthday, and so I celebrate my birthday with fellow festival-loving friends dressed up in the ultimate vintage style clothing. I used to dress in the gowns and corsets, but now I choose to go a bit more casual and comfortable (not to mention that I now spend all my money on mid century collectibles, I hardly have spare change for brocade fabrics and steel boning). It’s a wonderful change of pace and style, and a part of me will always have a deep appreciation for all of the detail involved in Elizabethan garb.

Among the many fantastic and talented artists that join in the medieval festivities, one of my favorites has always been Bard & Broad. As a lover of corsets, I have visited their booth on multiple occasions to pine away at their creations – which are nothing short of exemplary corsetry. It was while I was practically melting over a leather underbust corset with many buckles, that I found a real gem: a leather bra with the words “Treasure Chest” emblazoned on it. My teenage self who loves puns and play-on-words absolutely had to have this.


And so I did.

How does one style a leather bra, you ask? Fortunately, this slips past the rules of true Elizabethan fashion and into the realm of fantasy, so there are many, many different ways that you could wear a Treasure Chest bra. I decided to whip up a peasant top (you can’t go wrong with a peasant top), and pair it with jeggings and my favorite boots — oh, and a fox tail. This made for a very comfortable and easy-to-wear outfit for the day.


But, would a leather bra be comfortable? I was worried about this at first. After all, leather isn’t known to be a breathable material, which is a real concern when you’re going to spend hours outside on a hot, sunny day. I know you know what I’m talking about, ladies. Let me tell you, I wish I could wear this leather bra all the time. The straps are adjustable and keep everything secure, but are still soft against my skin. And, the cups are made of a harder leather, formed and perfectly shaped to fit you, without any discomfort.

axe-throw         axe-throw-2

In addition to leatherworks and corsetry, Bard & Broad also makes clothing, and all sorts of bobbles and things to help you complete your fantasy or historic costume.

For a finishing touch to your look, check out their accessories! I could not resist the urge to try on one of their glowstone leather circlets — it’s like a crown with an ever changing, glowing stone. This circlet is also adjustable and will stay securely in place.

I encourage anyone to visit a Renaissance festival near them. Enjoy a day of medieval good times, and leave the details up to Bard & Broad.


Shop away at their online store: bardandbroad.com
Follow along on Facebook: facebook.com/bardandbroad
Contact them directly for Custom Orders! sales@bardandbroad.com


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