The Prince and the Princess Face the Evil Serpent

It did not take very long at all for the two to fall in love. Across the miles, they filled the space with messages of love and laughter, deep conversations, and their dreams. Between text conversations that would last all day, to late night phone calls to say “good night,” they were able to battle the long, lonely days without being near each other.


“I miss you,” the princess softly told her prince.

“I miss you more,” he replied, and they began to plan a trip to visit each other.

But, distance was not their only struggle. Unbeknownst to the lovers, there was an evil they would face that would be unrelenting, with all intention of shaking the very foundation on which their love was built until it might collapse.

Lurking in the shadows, the serpent would bide it’s time until it was time to strike. Slithering among the decay of the past, it carefully plotted.  It needed to have the perfect plan of attack to tear these two apart. Would it kill the princess, first? Or, would it poison the prince’s mind against the princess?  The serpent was a master at manipulating it’s victims, and it was sure it would succeed.

Meanwhile, the lovers enjoyed a wonderful visit together. The prince escorted the princess around his coastal lands, and they held hands as they danced through the waves on the sandy shores. Hours flew by, feeling like mere minutes, as they could only find more and more to talk about.

And, then it seemed as if time would stand still as the prince looked deeply into her eyes and asked her to be his. She smiled and exclaimed, “yes!” and they sealed their promise with true love’s kiss.

Watching from below, the serpent hissed and roared. The ground began to shake beneath the lovers’ feet, and they held onto one another, their faces full of fear. Fuming with anger, the serpent burst from the depths in a fiery blast, knocking the prince to the ground. The princess tried to rush to his side, but was ensnared in the serpent’s deadly grasp of its tail. Gripping the princess tighter and tighter, the serpent slithered closer to the prince, spewing poisonous words to bewitch the young man’s mind. It was certain it would work, as it had done so many times before.

Though it tried in every way, the serpent’s spell would not take its hold. The prince regained his strength and stood, strong and firm. As the princess cried out for her prince to save himself, the serpent hissed and lunged at the prince. Drawing his sword, he prepared for the serpent’s next attack.


The serpent laughed, “What could this small man with his tiny sword do to take down this mighty beast?” It lunged again, knocking the sword from the prince’s grasp.

As the serpent continued to strike at the prince, unrelenting with it’s massive power, the princess was able to strain and reach and finally pick up the sword. The serpent howled as the princess drove the sword through it’s flesh, and it’s grasp on the princess released. Hissing and howling, it rushed back down into the depths from where it came.

The lovers rushed to each other, thankful to still have each other. That day, they learned that their love was in fact worth dying for, and that they are strong together when they do not let any force try to tear them apart. The prince and princess would hold on to each other tightly, forever and ever… until death do they part.


Personal Note:
Fairy tales are what you make of them. You see, evil can reside anywhere, and can take hold of anyone; it can make someone sick with jealousy, consume their heart with misery, and blind them from all rational sense and reason. Evil may not even be external, but an internal struggle with your own self.
When you find the person you are meant to find, no amount of distractions or struggles are going to tear you apart. Sharing a lifetime with someone is not meant to be easy, but a “Happily Ever After” can exist — if you fight for it.
For now, this is the end of the story of the prince and the princess, but you should know and trust that their love will last until the end of time. 


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