She Wore Blue Velvet Vintage

My love for vintage is not entirely defined by the 40’s and 50’s. Although those decades do happen to be my favorite, I also love the Roaring 20’s style with the beaded dresses and all the fringe. The women of that time were daring and bold to be wearing such a thing, showing their ankles (and sometimes more!), rebelling against the strict confines set in place for women.

Yes, I very much love that era, which is why I absolutely had to take a day to be a flapper, and there is not another brand I would trust more with this style than Blue Velvet Vintage.


Burgundy “Jazz Baby” dress. Bernadette Newberry photography.

The first thing you will notice about the flapper dresses from Blue Velvet Vintage is all of the attention to detail. These are not costume-quality dresses — oh, no. These are the real deal. All of the Art Deco style beading is hand loomed. Although the intricate bead work did add some significant weight to the dress, it hugged my body perfectly. It absolutely felt like I was wearing a true piece of history, a work of art, and I felt more fabulous than ever before.

There are no tricky zippers or clasps with these, you just simply slip them over your head. And, speaking of slip, Blue Velvet Vintage ensures that each style dress comes paired with one. I accessorized this style with a pair of satin gloves and a jeweled headband. You may also consider a pair of t-strap heels, beaded purse, or perhaps a sequined shawl for an evening look, all of which you can easily match and find on their website.

If you haven’t at least looked at Blue Velvet Vintage, you are seriously and sadly missing out. When you are looking for that absolutely perfect vintage dress from any era, they have got you covered. Blue Velvet Vintage not only carries a fabulous selection of reproduction clothing, but they also carry true vintage pieces in remarkable condition. Looking through their site makes you feel like a kid in a candy store — you have been warned!

Shop the flapper collection at Blue Velvet Vintage.


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