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If there were a place that existed where you could shop all sorts of different Vintage era clothing in amazing condition, that was owned by someone who not only loves Vintage fashion but also engages with their clients to help them find that perfect piece of Vintage heaven, and takes the time to celebrate Vintage every month, you might think there’s no way a place like that exists. Well, folks, have I got an absolute gem of a store to share with you!

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Karyn Oetting has created a dream come true for lovers of all things vintage. Second Skin Vintage, located in Wilmington, NC, is truly a wonderful place of fantastic Vintage finds! No matter what era strikes your fancy, Karyn has got you covered — and men, that includes you, too! Her specialty is 50’s, 60’s and 70’s clothing, but she also offers clothing spanning 100 years of vintage style. Seriously, there is something for everybody in Second Skin Vintage.

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But, Second Skin Vintage isn’t just a vintage shop. This is also a place that brings people together, to promote and celebrate its vintage-loving community! The first Tuesday of each month, Karyn hosts “I Love Vintage,” an event featuring different guest speakers to tell us all about different aspects and eras of vintage fashion. Recent speakers include some truly amazing local women such as “Rozy” of Rockin’ Roller Salon who taught us some vintage hair styling techniques, Elaine Henson showed off her amazing collection of vintage swimwear and swimwear ads, and Jess James of Style Girl Vintage who took us back to the Roaring Twenties. And, every month, more people are brought together who love to socialize about vintage.


When I first started attending, I had no idea this would turn out to be something I look forward to each and every month. I also never expected Karyn to have asked me to lead one of her events, to talk about Modern Pinup and Rockabilly Culture. It was such an honor to be included and share some of my tips and tricks of being a pinup girl!

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If you ever find yourself in the Wilmington area, you should definitely take a little detour to Castle St. Stop in, shop a little, and take some Vintage goodies home with you. But, don’t worry too much if you can’t get all the way out here — Second Skin is on Etsy, too.

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