Perfectly Pinned Up’s Perfect Pinup Contests!

I could not think of a better way to kick off the launch of this new blog (and new endeavor all around!) than holding a Pinup contest! I wanted to start something that’s bigger than me, something that involves more than “just me,” and something that celebrates all of the beautiful ladies out there who love Pinup as much as I do!

Sudzy Nixon wins the first title of Perfect Pinup!

Sudzy Nixon wins the first title of Perfect Pinup!

This is just a small way for me to give back to this vintage community that I have loved and been involved with for over a decade. A simple blog, yes, and nothing too terribly unique or outside of what many, many other ladies are doing, but this is my voice, and my contribution. I believe it’s important to give back in order to keep it alive, to keep it going, because it sure has grown since 2006! (Aaaanddd now I feel old…)

There are lots and lots of pinup contests out there, and loads of crowns and titles to be won. Because so many contests out there on social media are points-only based (Likes & Shares), I decided I wanted to take it one step further. It doesn’t matter to me how popular you are as a pinup, but what’s inside. So, after the voting has closed, the top three ladies are prompted with a question and the answer has to come from the heart; their answer is the deciding factor of who wins the contest!

Although I am just getting started with these online contests, I do hope that one day I’ll be able to put together little prize packages and maybe even a tiara to send to the winners! Why? Because I just care about and love the ladies I get to meet and interact with. I may not know everything about them, but we already share so much in common, and it’s truly an honor to me that they would take the time to be involved with what I do.

You can follow along on my Facebook Page to enter the contest yourself, or perhaps choose to support the pinups currently in it! There is also a special gallery here on this site that features the winners of each month’s contest where you can learn a little about them and why they were chosen as the Perfect Pinup.


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