Perfect Pinup Sudzy Nixon to Open Sudzy’s Place!

Perfect Pinup, Sudzy Nixon, is making an amazing dream of hers come true! Out of Portsmouth, Ohio, she is going to be reaching out to all the retro-loving ladies with her new shop, Sudzy’s Pinup Palace! I had the opportunity to catch up with Sudzy and find out all about it:

What drew you to pinup / vintage, and why do you love it so much?
“I think the first time I can recall encountering pinup was when I watched John Water’s Crybaby. I was only about 10 or 11 the first time I watched it but I thought that look was the definition of cool. I liked the frilly prom / cotillion stuff on the square girls, but the bad girl look on the drapes was IT! Of course I didn’t start dressing in pinup at 11 but as time went on I discovered Bettie Page! She was my idol when I was 17! I cut my bangs like hers in high school. Over the years I have changed it up a few times but always gravitate back. The fashion of the 50’s really has sexy lines. I love defined busts, fit and flare waists, wiggle dresses. Everyday fashion got so casual as time went on that it is a stark contrast to wear pinup. Sometimes it’s a little flashy. Some eye catching colors and dramatic makeup, to me it’s empowering. You can do soft and powdery pinup but it’s usually it’s own caricature of sexiness too. Doe eyes, coy innocence, pouty lips, legs. It celebrates femininity in a kitschy way that’s been cool for a very long time! What made me reach out to this style personally was that most plus clothes that I had access to weren’t very sexy or feminine. I sought pinup, cosmetics, and modeling for photography to try and control how I identify. Fashion is a fun world for anyone who wants to use it!”

April 2016 Gallery

Who or what inspired you to create a store?
“What inspired me was necessity! I’ve worn plus sizes since junior high. The clothes available in plus when I was young, and it’s still pretty common issue, are geared for a more conservative set. The trends that pop up in straight sizes aren’t represented across the board in most places. It’s starting to get better in plus specialty places like Lane Bryant, Rue 21+, and Maurice’s. Most superstore/department stores are a joke! Most companies that do specialize in alternative style plus clothing don’t have a store in our area so I started buying dresses online. I knew that most dress makers used European sizing or they ran small, so to speak. I’m about a 24 in American sizing so this was going to take some research. I asked around to girls in some plus size fashion groups and they taught me to do measurements and showed me the ropes on most of the major pinup brands. I started collecting some great dresses and wearing a pinup look more often. Other people started asking me to find dresses for them. I just saw a chance to share the lessons I’ve learned and I’m having a ball picking out the styles to offer! I can’t wait to see smiles on the faces of lots of people who have had to take no for an answer for far too long!”

What is your store’s name / location, and what do you hope to accomplish?
“I live in the same town I was born in, Portsmouth, Ohio. We’re in Appalachia. I thought it was important to have my store here because we do have so few options. We’re an impoverished area so getting to give something back in this town is going to feel great. The store name is Sudzy’s Pinup Palace. I thought of the name a few years ago. I love the old kitschy buildings people used to build to house businesses that were shaped like swans or boots or little castles. I thought it would be awesome to have a store I could put a false front on to make it look like a palace. That was before I even knew where it would stand. Once I looked at the building I ended up renting, I realized it was already regal! It’s got marble hallway up the pink walls! It’s an incredible space a whole city block long! I want to stage some rooms for photography, to display art, and to be able to host events eventually! I hope to use it to not only breed art but to spread a message. I’ll host art shows and seminars that feature body diversity and acceptance. I want this to be a supportive and caring environment for anyone who has faced discrimination and for those who want to learn how to support others that do. People are brainwashed by the media that were all supposed to be some cookie cutter image of the Hollywood standard. I want to show people how beautiful all skin colors are. To show that beauty lasts an entire lifetime, it doesn’t go away at 30 or 40 or or 50 or ever. That no one is going to win the invisible contest we are all losing. We are all different flowers in this bouquet and each one is as important and perfect as the next. It’s a message long overdue here!”


What kind of merchandise can we expect to find there? Sizes?
“Well as the name states Pinup is the main style for the shop. I’m going to have vintage inspired dresses, tops, skirts, and some stylish pants. Most looks are from the late 1940s to early 1960s. No jeans are in the works as of now. Maybe some Capri style jeans by spring but jeans are pretty modern and not my forte. I’m constantly on the lookout for actual vintage and hope to be able to offer more as time goes on. Actual plus size vintage is extremely difficult to find. I will be offering petticoats to give flared dresses added fluff. I’m hoping things go well so I can offer shoes, lingerie, and eventually hair and makeup services in shop! I’ve had a lot of folks requesting that I carry masculine lines, pants, shirts, hats and such. I love the idea but I do have to start small so I’m focusing on my personal passion to begin! I’m going to carry so many brands and most of them run differently. So far the sizing runs xx-small to 6xl or 0-30w. I’m hoping to offer more extended plus sizes over time. It’s really hard to find wholesalers that carry extended plus sizes but I am learning more everyday and hope to increase my stock with time.”

Do you have any words of wisdom or inspiration for the gal who maybe wants to try pinup, but doesn’t think she can pull it off?
“If you decide that you want to use fashion and cosmetics to help claim your identity (even if it’s an aspect you want to just want explore from time to time) Pinup can be a total blast. If you think you can’t pull it off then I certainly think you should try it! No one is a better candidate than you! It’s a style that you put on and grow into. If you aren’t used to or comfortable with attention it could take some getting used to, but that might be something you’ll find that you like. If you’re modest or shy, try it at home. It might not be your cup of tea, but everyone deserves the right to try it if they’re curious! Symbolic annihilation is something that affects people deeper than most realize. It’s time for people who have been white washed out of the media to claim their time in the spotlight! There’s a revolution going down right now! It’s a very exciting time to stick up for yourself and others. I’m anxious to make a loving environment where we can all learn and grow together!”

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