Perfect Pinup Miss Harlow

If you get a chance to meet Miss Harlow, you will be meeting one of the sweetest, most genuine ladies among the Australian Pinups. Miss Harlow had been involved in my contests since 2016, and finally won the title of Perfect Pinup December — a title I was thrilled to extend to her! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to interview her, and feature her right here!

What drew you to the pinup lifestyle?
“I originally went to my first pinup event, The Rockin’ Maryborough Festival, in support of my niece, along with my sister. She had felt intimidated and bullied at a comp a year before and wouldn’t attend alone. Its a rare thing to have happen, but unfortunately it can. I had been in love with the 40s and 50s styling since I was young. I was the 12yr old who wore proper petticoats under her skirts, I celebrated my 16th birthday at Johnny Rockets eating chili cheese fries, drinking cherry coke. That event opened my eyes to a lifestyle I wasn’t aware of. It’s been a dream come true to live in the time I do, but style that I admire and love.”

Why do you compete in Pinup contests?
“Sadly, to start with it was to win. I love to win. But in the past year I have been involved I realize it is so much more. These comps are a group of women who genuinely want the other to succeed. We check each other’s teeth for lipstick, check that seams are straight, help with styling hair and more. Now I compete or just attend purely to catch up with these pinups I am lucky enough to call friends. It wasn’t long after this shift in attitude that I actually won my first placing, 2nd runner up at Miss Peaks, which is a local event for me. I also received the Encouragement award at Miss Spectacular at the Boonah Clydesdale Spectacular, which was its first event and in my home town.”

Do you have a modern or vintage pinup model you admire most?
“Lana Turner for her hair. With longer hair it is hard to style in some of the 40s and 50s styles and sometimes I don’t want to curl it, being able to do the sleek side part and slight wave makes me happy! Vivien Leigh, purely because no one can do a resting *** face quite like her and she is just so striking to look at. And last but not least, the divine Miss Monroe, Norma Jean. More for those images that capture her when she looks a little lost, without her dazzling smile directed at the camera. She inspires me to be true to myself.”

What do your friends and family think of your choice to be a pinup?
“My husband and son are very supportive. My 7yr old son critiques my outfits and poses! My parents and mother-in-law also encourage me and celebrate my wins. Most of my friends think its weird but they still encourage me. And now I have a number of friends who are also pinups who think its weird when I am not in pinup.”

What is it like to be a pinup in Australia?
“The scene is really growing here. The only downside is being a pinup in summer when it is stifling hot and your makeup just won’t stay on! We have a huge range of pinup clothing brands available to us, many from the US and the UK with a few Australians starting to design now. I would love to design my own range one day, Harlows Couture. It’s great to see that we can access clothing that really suits a multitude of shapes, sizes and heights and I would like to be a part of that.”

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