Perfect Pinup Danielle Fialkowski Does Our Veterans Proud

Danielle is the first Perfect Pinup of 2017! She won by letting her true self shine through, and sharing her whole heart with the men and women who’ve served and sacrificed for our country. To her, being a pinup is more than just a fashion choice, it’s in her heart and her heritage to support our military. I had to get to know more about Danielle. Read on to find out more about the incredible volunteer work she does.


What inspired your interest in pinup / vintage?

“Both of my my grandmothers first introduced the Rosie the Riveter glamour to me. My father’s mother was a “WAC”. She flew a P-38 during WW2 when the women took “men’s” roles for the war effort. They did so with grace and elegance. It seems to me that although they did “men’s” jobs, they did so without losing their femininity. My mom’s mother was an Opera singer and she worked in the factories until her husband came home.
I ride a 2000 heritage Classic Harley Davidson motorcycle. I absolutely love getting my bandanna on and my cat eye glasses and rock that pin up look. I just love the ‘I can do anything’ attitude a pin up brings… but I’ll do it in a sexy cheeky way! I’m so interested and intrigued in how before WW1 when women decided they would ride a bicycle to get from point a to point b because the men were off fighting the war! “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!” (taken from the USMC)”

What does it mean to be a “pinup girl,” in your opinion?
“Being a pin up to me is : the way it makes me feel. I feel sexy! Like when women were women, when they were classy, feminine, elegant yet POWERFUL! It was okay to be a homemaker, pictures weren’t about sticking out your tongue and be sexy but pucker or purse those lips. When covering some parts of your body was sexy…. leaving the imagination to run wild! I love the romantic feeling that pin ups have.
I have never been in a more supportive group of women. Everyone I have met in the vintage, pin up lifestyle has been supportive, encouraging and empowering. I like to support most of the events that these women are involved in whether it’s for the veterans, puppies, car shows, or tattoos!”

Why is it important to you to support our Veterans and Troops?
“I am the National Director of the American Warriors Watch Coalition. We do welcome homes for veterans returning from deployment. We do send-offs for service men and woman as well as entire units! We do escorts for funerals as well as mug and hugs, or even honor guard.”

“I also am the photographer for Honor Flight Philadelphia. Our main goal is to take WW2, Korean war, as well as Vietnam Vets to the monuments of Washington DC. We have the members of Warriors Watch as well as many other like minded motorcycle clubs escort the veterans home and they can enjoy a “USO style” welcome home party! It is so awesome to see the gratitude on their faces.
I have met the original Rosie the Riveters! I found their story so inspiring! I also enjoy dressing at the “Bob Hope Salutes the Veterans “ show in December. I enjoy organizing a poker run where pin ups ”man” the 5 card stops. This event is held for Alpha Bravo Canine, service dogs are trained and donated to veterans suffering from PTSD, and TBI.”

Tell us about your favorite photo shoot!
I have only had one pin up photo shoot so far. I loved my shoot with Celeste Giuliano! I also love taking pictures with the veterans as well. I usually kiss their cheek with Red Lips It reminds them of when life was easier, when they were young heroes in their heyday! Even women love and appreciate how we keep yesteryear alive!

What are some of your dreams for the future?
I hope to continue working with veterans, riding my motorcycle. I look forward to sharing this culture with my three daughters as well as their children when the day comes.

“I am very definitely a woman and I enjoy it! “ ~Marilyn Monroe


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