Perfect Pinup Angela Misfit is an Australian Vintage Sweetheart

Miss Angela Misfit comes to us all the way from the land Down Under to share her story. She is a true vintage lover and absolute sweetheart. When I got to catch up with her, I got to hear more about her time in Australia as a Pinup, and her love of collecting vintage goodies!

How is it, being a Pinup girl in Australia? Is the scene quite big where you are at, or is it still growing?
“Australia is a beautiful place and the rockabilly scene here is big and within that is the pinup scene. The pinup scene is still growing with some pinups coming and going and then you have your gals who have been pinup/vintage most of their lives. I have been doing pinup comps and modelling for three years now. Before that I have been involved in the rockabilly scene for many years supporting the Kustom Kulture and creating clothes to sell at events. I started pinup after escaping a bad domestic violence relationship, I needed to rebuild my confidence and know I was beautiful again as I had lost a lot of myself to this. I have met some truly amazing and supportive ladies in the pinup scene who I am proud to call friends.”


September: Angela Misfit

Have you always thought of yourself as a vintage-style gal?
“I have always been into vintage and I am a massive collector. I started op shopping at the age of 15, I am 41 now and it is still a huge passion to go hunting for vintage. When I was 15 I used to wear more 70’s but my taste changed to the more refined styles of the 1950’s as I matured. Like a good vintage wine I suppose I have grown stronger and more passionate about my vintage with age .”

How long have you been collecting vintage items? What are some of your favorite things to collect?
“I have been collecting for 26 years and started of by collecting the Jeanie bottles and coloured glass wear. I then started collecting Barsony Lamps which are my fav piece in my collection. I live and breath the life style now and have for over 20 years. My cutlery and plates are all vintage and all of the clothes I wear are either vintage with some reproduction. I love looking the part and being surrounded by all if my vintage collection.”

Who in the Pinup scene inspires you? What do you find to be inspiring about them?
“There are some of the local pinups who inspire me as they helped mentor me in my modelling and gave me that extra boost of courage to start in this journey.”

What do you hope for in the future of Pinup?
“I hope to inspire other pinups as they have inspired me and to support and give advise as I have been given in the scene. As I say “we stand strong to work together and support each other”.”

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