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    Sink or Swim Purses – Handmade Perfection!

    When I discovered that Sink or Swim Purses existed on Instagram, it was love at first sight. The shapes, the...

    Fear is Stupid. So are Regrets.

    Working can be hard, but I am still so excited to be starting a brand new project. Sometimes, I get...

    Hair Secret Revealed: Beat the Heat this Carshow Season!

    My hair is not magical. It is faaaarrrr from magical. I secretly envy those ladies with perfect curl and bounce...

    Life is not a Competition.

    I believe this. To no end. Life is not meant to be a competition with others, and in fact, instead...

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    A quick demo of how I maintain that perfect hairstyle during Carshow Season — even when it’s super hot outside!

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