Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, there was a very kind young woman who lived in Cincinnati.

Because she was kind, her heart was very fragile, and she learned to be very careful with it. She had love to share, and  she thought her time and her heart could be better served to her community. So, serving those who served is what she did, and showing love and kindness to others is what she began to live for. Giving love to others seemed to fill her heart with joy, and she shared that joy with her friends.


After many, many days and many, many nights of spending her time giving lots of love, hugs and smiles to Veterans both in and out of her community, a very unexpected thing happened.

She and two of her closest friends were all dressed up to attend the Warrior Weekend Event. They brought cookies with hand-written messages of gratitude for the Purple Heart recipients and Gold Star families.

A prince of a fella met this Cinderella on his way into the VFW. This handsome young man smiled at her, and she smiled back. It was love at first sight… and their first moment meeting was captured.

They talked as if they had known each other all their lives. In that weekend, she learned that he had an adorably snuggly dog, two little girls, and lived in North Carolina — and his smile made her heart just go crazy. It was a very magical weekend, and one they were both very sad to have to end. But, the young man lived in a land far, far away, so for now they would have to keep in touch even though distance came between them.

to be continued


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