Making a House a Home: Blending Styles with Your S.O. (eek!)

Relationships of any kind require balance, an equal share of give and take, and lots and lots of patience and love. This is just as true in friendships as well as it is in romantic relationships — and when you’re ready to move in together, hold on tight because there are about to be some major changes for both of you!

When two people with similar tastes move in, you have far less hurdles to overcome as far as agreeing on how to decorate your home. However, when two people with differing tastes move in together, well, things tend to get a little interesting! There might be disagreements over the vision of the house; he likes that frumpy couch, while you are set on this elegant, classic settee; you want your vase on display, and he wants it thrown out. Before you know it, you’re in a fight over a lamp shade and you wonder how it even got to this point?!

I am beyond blessed that my sweetheart and I can discuss the vision for our home and how we want it to look, and there really aren’t too many road bumps. Ultimately, I think we both realize that the stuff that fills the house is simply that: just stuff. And, what makes that house a home involves much more than just decorations. We do have our differences in tastes, and we have both had to compromise on things in order to make us both happy.

(See that? That’s the trick: compromise.)

In my dreams of a house, it was the epitome of mid-century living: lots of color, funky lighting fixtures, Eames era furniture, and a Tiki bar always stocked for entertaining.


Mid Century Perfection <3

However, my wonderful man is way more into rustic and industrial rustic, with lots of wood, handmade furniture, and cast iron pipe accents.


Rustic Industrial and Manly

I will not say that my bubble is burst; choosing to live with the man that I love and building a house into a home means that I cannot have everything only the way that I want it and exclude his tastes. Instead, I decided to shift my era of vintage to blend with his love of rustic — and it has honestly brought a new style of collecting vintage goodies to decorate the house with!

(More collecting = more shopping! YAY!)

Will I still slip in my mid-century whatnots? You betcha. Anywhere that I can. But, everything always comes back to balance. So far, I feel that for every piece of classic vintage I bring, he has a rustic element that is equal to it. A lot of the big furniture items, such as the dining room table and shelving is handmade by him and very rustic, but decorated with doilies and vintage picture frames softens that look for a very vintage feel.

Our living room shelf has only begun collecting vintage knick-knacks.

Our living room shelf has only begun collecting vintage knick-knacks.

The other wonderful thing about this house we are going to share together is that although he was living here before me, everything is pretty much a blank slate because hardly any decorating was done at all! So, walls are in need of color, curtains will be sewn, and new furniture and accents are getting changed throughout. This is a modern house, a very new build, so there will definitely be some tricks done to achieve that vintage/rustic style. It’s a lot to take on, but I love a good challenge.

And the best part??

I am going to share my journey with you all! From painting those walls, to updating vintage items, to sewing your own curtains, and other decorating hacks, I am going to share all of my ideas, tips and tricks right here!  Anyone can be a DIY-er and put that sweat equity into their houses to make those memories and ultimately make that house their home.


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