Life is not a Competition.

I believe this. To no end. Life is not meant to be a competition with others, and in fact, instead of competing, why not take a moment and help your fellow wo/man?

Some people believe in one-upping others or even tearing others down just to make themselves look better… just to win some imaginary contest they have going on in their heads. There is healthy competition, sure, but I don’t believe in dashing someone else’s dreams just to secure my own. The idea of trying to destroy what someone else has worked for (this could be a relationship, a career, or even something they created) is inhumane, possibly even bordering on sociopathic if you can hurt someone with no remorse. Nobody deserves to have their dreams or ambitions destroyed by someone else who is just jealous or spiteful.

In the end, what does it even matter? Does it really matter how many magazine covers you were featured on, how many stages you performed on, how much money you made over someone else, how big your house is, how fancy your car or phone or wardrobe is…? Does any of that stuff really matter in the end? ….. Nope. In the grand scheme of things, all of that stuff is superficial and speaks nothing to who you are as a person — but how you acquired that “stuff” sure does.

What matters is the kind of impact you held toward others on your journey through life. Maybe I would be a lot farther along in my career had I believed in stepping on others to get what I want, or demanding center stage attention, or some other selfish act — but I don’t, and I could never do that. I have always looked at my accomplishments as blessings, and appreciated the opportunities I’ve been given as opposed to being jealous over the opportunities of others.

It’s certainly not always easy to see others have success while you’re suffering, to see someone else blissfully happy with what you want but cannot have, and jealousy can soon take over your mind and heart. This is when you need to remember to hit your “Pause” button and take a step back, take a moment to reflect. Remember that life is not about competing, and there is more to life than this.

So, remember to always be kind to others. There is no grand prize in life, other than the fact you’re already living it. And, in any chance you’re given, help someone who needs it.


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