Honesty is the Best Policy

I am incredibly shy. Not just shy, but quite literally afraid of my voice. It’s painful, if not socially crippling at times to be in a position where I want so badly to meet someone, to say hi, to join in a conversation, but instead I stay inside myself. Countless times I have found myself wanting to go up to someone, compliment them, let them know I am a fan, or even tell an acquaintance that it is good to see them again. Yet, countless times I find myself caught in my head and I miss my chance.


This aspect of my personality makes me sad sometimes, but not nearly as sad as it makes me to hear that people misunderstand me. I have been mistaken for being snobby or stuck up, mean or bitchy, or just completely disinterested in talking to someone. Sometimes I get the chance to explain myself to others, but often times I don’t. It’s internally frustrating because I am actually the complete opposite; I just fail to be able to express my feelings.

So, this Viva Las Vegas is hopefully going to be a moment for me to make a change. I don’t want to be this person who sits by and just watches, waits, and then regrets. If there is one thing I have realized, it’s that life is really too short for all of that nonsense. Viva Las Vegas is one place where there are so many people, and so many amazingly fun things going on all the time, that I truly don’t want to just sit on the sidelines – I want to go join in the dancing and make new friends.

This post is short, and I am actually typing this in the airport while I am waiting for my flight to Las Vegas. But, I hope that perhaps I can reach someone with my words. Just as I know I am not the only one who suffers, I hope you know that you are not alone. It can be scary, it can be overwhelming, and I will bet you any amount of money that my anxiety is going to go through the roof. However, I am ready to take a step forward, and tip toe out of my shell.

Wish me luck!


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