Hair Secret Revealed: Beat the Heat this Carshow Season!

My hair is not magical. It is faaaarrrr from magical. I secretly envy those ladies with perfect curl and bounce that lasts all day long, rain or shine. If your hair is anything like mine, when there is an ounce of humidity in the air — forget it. Curling is a waste of time because it will fall out and frizz up the second you step outside! And, if you are going to a car show or an outdoor event, you kind of want a guarantee that you’re going to look fabulous irregardless of what Mother Nature decides to do.

Don’t fret. All hope is NOT lost. There are a few tips and tricks that I’d like to share with you that I have picked up on over the years. Maintaining that all-day-long-fabulousness will be something I am sure I’ll come back to again, but for now I’ll share one of the easiest and sneakiest little tricks I have up my sleeve!

You may have caught my quick FlipGram video on YouTube, which quickly runs through a short-hair look I accomplished and have had a LOT of success with. I use this trick any time I fear humidity, extreme heat, or even when I want to just give perfect shape to my hair for a shoot! This invisible hair net is a true life saver of cute hair-do’s, and is definitely a necessity for vintage hairstyles in the heat. There are places in the world where it can get so humid that a lot of the time, your only option is to where it all up, pin every bit up, and the thought of having any part of it down is just silly. Using a hair net will definitely change your mind, and hopefully inspire you to create something similar to what I show you here!

It goes by quick! So, let me break it down a little slower, step by step!

Step One:
I wet-set my hair the night before with foam rollers. I have had a lot of success with wet-sets when I need a style to last. I strongly recommend using a setting spray or a curling lotion. For this look, I used Ruby Rabbit’s Setting Spray, and touched up my ends with a curling creme to reduce the frizz.

diane-foam-rollers-1-1-4-pink-350x350 Lucious_locks_setting_spray_ruby_rabbit

One by one, take the rollers out. Your hair might look kinda flat and tightly curled at first, but just wait until you start brushing!

Step Two:
Using a boar hair bristle brush/comb, gently comb through your curls. Work in sections, and work on blending your curls together. As you brush, your hair will start to “poof” a little more. If you need some more volume at the roots, (especially if you are trying to achieve a roll or very full-looking bangs) back-combing will help give you structure to work with.

SBS-103214 SBS-217028

Step Three:
Once you’ve brushed through all your curls, you’ll notice it’s lovely, bouncy and probably a little crazy! That’s because now you need to sculpt how you want your curls to look. Using a lightweight pomade will help tremendously to tame fly-aways and really smooth your hair for a glamorous look. Just take a little bit of your favorite pomade and rub between your fingertips before you smooth it through your hair. Using your comb to brush through your curls again will also help to sculpt everything the way you want it!

Step Four:
Hair spray. I use a humidity-fighting hair spray all over, especially on my bangs. Pro tip: Hair spray can be sticky, and super frustrating when it seems to stick to your fingers instead of where you want it to stick! Using the back side of your brush or comb, or even the hair spray can will help!

Step Five:
There is a fabulous invention called an Ultra Invisible Hair Net. They are available at beauty supply stores, like Sally’s, and are around $1! They also come in different colors to get a close match to your hair. Make sure you read the packaging closely, as there are different sizes of nets! I prefer the “Ultra Invisible” to the “tiny mesh” kind because the netting is wider and blends easier into your hair.

SBS-485005 SBS-485050

Working with these does take a little patience, and possibly even another set of hands if you have a helpful partner nearby 😉 But, once you get the net stretched from about the “headband” line to the back of your head, and your hair is evenly coiffed, you can secure it with a hidden bobby pin at the top — and voila!

Step Six:
You can help to hide the net line with something like a ribbon, scarf, headband, or even a few strategically placed flowers. I simply tied a white ribbon to leave a cute bow at the top, and that’s it!

I hope you found this helpful, and I hope you will give it a try! I would love to hear from you, and to know how well this worked for you!


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