Even Pinup Girls Hidrate!

I have been getting a lot of compliments on my skin’s complexion lately. And, I have to say that I have even noticed a significant difference in my skin. It looks so healthy and blemish-free lately, and it’s all because of my new regimen.

No, you won’t see any information on creams or spa appointments or anything crazy. It’s honestly the simplest routine: hydration. I’m sure a few of you just rolled your eyes, but I think it’s because you know it’s true! It’s just so hard to remember to stay hydrated. Water is boring. It’s always right there, but we opt for something tastier instead. We lose track of how much (or how little) we actually drink.

How have I been maintaining my hydration? How has it become so effortless for me to stay on track, even on the go? Easy: My water bottle does it all for me.

You read correctly — and I have a special deal for my followers RIGHT NOW.

Hidrate Spark  is offering an exclusive price for you all. If you have a hard time drinking or tracking water, then this is the water bottle of your dreams! This is a smart water bottle that syncs with an app to not only track your water intake, but also remind you when to drink water and set your daily goals based on your personal stats and activity level.

Comment below with your email (and color of choice) and Hidrate Spark will send you the exclusive link to pre-order you water bottle at a discount rate ($45 as opposed to $54). I’m in love with my Teal bottle, but check out all these colors!! Get yours today!


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