Dita von Teese, You Inspire Me.

“Lingerie is not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.”

I absolutely love these words, and I support them 100%.

While some more conservative minds may disagree (and that’s fine, you can have your opinions — and eat them, too!), it’s important to at least recognize some truth and stop making assumptions about women who CHOOSE to embrace their bodies. The cold, hard truth is this: nobody can determine for another what is right for them; nobody can determine for another what is sexy or what is degrading. Some women feel empowered taking it all off, while others feel empowered when they keep it all on — and nothing is wrong with either mindset. The main thing that gets missed in these arguments is what this is all about: embracing womanhood and accepting each other’s choices.

Now, before you get your panties in a twist, I’m not looking for a debate, folks. I’m merely going to point out that once upon a time, women wanted to ‘free the ankle’ … Can you imagine getting shamed for showing your ankle?!? Oh my. But, in Victorian days, it was “too sexy” for a woman to wear a dress that would expose her ankle. Decades later, the Flappers made a statement by wearing much shorter dresses and even rouging their knees. Three more decades, the belly became the “hot topic.” And now, my friends, we have made it all the way up to “free the nipple.” This is called progress, and the goal is to eliminate the sexualization and objectification of women.

During all of this progress, women have lost their lives, been assaulted, cast out, shamed and, sadly, today is really no different… you still have the Victorians versus the Flappers. History repeats itself over and over again. Now, you may find women in lingerie to be sexy (just as I’m sure those fringe-wearing, knee-showing women turned some heads in their day), and that’s fine, that’s normal if you ask me. I certainly feel sexy when I wear lingerie. But. There is a difference between my choice to wear said lingerie and your choice to be a narrow-minded jerk about it. My choice in clothing (or lack thereof) does not in any way speak to nor equate to promiscuity in the slightest. I’m not “asking for it,” I’m not trashy, nor are my morals compromised by what I choose to wear — this is simply about how I choose to celebrate my body.

As we continue to progress and embrace our bodies and to feel confident in whatever shape or size our curves may or may not be, I believe we are growing more as women; we are opening our hearts to the acceptance of others, and ending this idea that women are merely here to either be oggled by men, or shamed by other women. So, let’s stop the slut-shaming. Your act of shaming further serves to objectify and oppress women more than a woman choosing to wear lingerie – or to be completely covered up!

This is where I stand on this issue. You may disagree, and that’s fine. I’m not asking you to agree, I’m asking for respect and general human decency, as I would show you that same courtesy. You may not ever approve of the choices I make in my life, but this is not about approval — it’s about acceptance. Agree to disagree. Accept that I am different from you, just as I accept that you are different from me. When you can do this, you’ll start to understand the true meaning of feminism, and maybe … just maybe … start to celebrate other women for all that we are.


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